Soft Skills Training

Be it be clarifying what soft skills are or bringing your workforce to the next level in social grace, instructing about expectation management or hinting at how to be confident conversationalists, ADAP can work with you and your employees through various techniques. We guide by lecture, games, role-play, but most importantly with interactive communication.

Some of the Trainings We Offer

Listening Skills

Key to any and all communication is to be an alert listener first. Learn how to be one.

E-mail Etiquette

Avoid short-cuts and one liners, maintain privacy and learn to stick to the point.

Passive to Assertive Communication

Understand the differences between the communication styles and learn when and how to use them to your advantage.

Expectation Management

Manage expectations of peers, teams, leads and clients. Learn to manage time, prioritize activities and become dependable and indispensable.


Learn to build internal and external partnerships to enhance personal and organizational goals.

Time Management

Effectively and productively manage your time for an optimal work-life balance.

Presentation Skills

Learn how to comfortably and confidently speak in public from start to finish. Put together a presentation and flawlessly deliver it.

Work-Life Balance

Learn to prioritize tasks to achieve a more stress-free daily routine.

How We Offer Trainings

One to One

Group Trainings

Online Trainings