Our Goal

ADAP specializes in providing Soft Skills trainings. Our goal is to provide customized trainings that fit your organization's needs and enables you to manage your talent in the most effective way.

Competency Management Framework CMF 2.0

Competency Management Framework is specially built for an organization to develop, manage and enhance talent. CMF is based on the ELITE concept, which focuses on 5 core competencies (Expectation Management, Leadership, Initiative, Talent and Engagement) of an individual. Using the CMF, a manager can drill into his team's objectives, tasks & performance. CMF enables you to navigate through your team & also provide extensive reporting to track your team's progress. All of this can be accomplished through a user friendly dashboard.

Talent Management

Adopt a structured approach of managing talent within your organization & track individual's progress to enable them to build a successful career with your firm. Have information regarding employee workload and talent within your organization and provide full transparency to your clients, all available at your fingertips.


Use an interactive dashboard which collects and combines information and provides access to all key elements in a single location. Have the ability to achieve full transparency. Use authorization to limit dissemination of information within your organization.


Enable your employees to document objectives and track progress using daily tasks. Allow managers to assess progress of employees twice a year using an in-built assessment tool. Track distribution of assessment across the organization and have the ability to rate your employees following management agreed distribution.


CMF captures history of all activities within your organization. Use out of the box reporting features to get transparency into talent management, assessment, daily tasks and other activities using canned reports. Enable yourself to engage management, employees and clients by using these reports and increase transparency within your organization.

Soft Skills Trainings

ADAP has been specializing in Soft Skills trainings since 2007. We have built over 100 modules covering business etiquette, email etiquette, presentation skills, leadership skills, verbal and written communications skills, social grace and lot more. ADAP helps organisations assess these needs and assists them in customizing trainings to fulfill their requirements. All trainings are delivered post extensive research and combined with fun-filled activities, games and interaction.

Key Modules

Communication Skills

Discover how to be effective in conveying your ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Business Etiquette

Whether it's how you speak, what you say, your body language or the impression you leave behind; let ADAP guide you in the right direction.


Learn to be a mentor and lead by example. Be just, dependable, in control and a team player. Uncover how to build yourself a strong and healthy team culture.

Top 10 Soft skilvccs