We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


 Corporate Consulting : Communications, Public Speaking, Business Etiquette, Image Enhancement, Body Language

 Private Consulting : Communications, Dining Etiquette, Image Enhancement, Body Language

 Voice Overs : Support Videos, E-learning, On hold messages

 Webinars : Based on client requirement


ADAP provides the following value added services for corporate, as well as, private clients:

Business Etiquette

ADAP covers email etiquette and meeting etiquette to address business etiquette.  

Public speaking

There are two schools of thought: one which believes that presentation is an art and the other that says it's simply practice.  We at ADAP believe that it is in fact a combination of the two. 

Presentation skills are demonstrated by displaying various kinds of speeches.  Attendees are also taught how to overcome stage fear, position themselves appropriately in front of an audience, make use of proper eye contact, voice modulation and accent neutralization. They are educated on how  to easily segue from topic to topic within speeches, by using signposting and are apprised on how to gain and keep audience attention.

BODY Language

As important as it is to look and speak the part, it is equally important to be the part.  Body language is part of communication that is most often overlooked.  How much space to leave between you and another and what gestures are suitable and unsuitable between colleagues, are normally not practiced.

ADAP provides guidance in recognizing these mistakes and correcting them.  This is done through demonstration and media examples.

IMage enhancement

First impression is definitely the last impression, that's why it's so important one carries themselves accordingly. The primary purpose of  image enhancement is to showcase a structured and confident individual. The image of a person reflects in the way they carry themselves and the confidence they exude.  ADAP highlights the appropriate and inappropriate sense of apparel and style. We work closely with attendees to enhance their image via a series of workshops.  

Communication skills

What are communication skills and how can one improve them? Communication is written, as well as, oral.  Communication skills can be improved by experience, practice and repetition. Besides sheer hard work and practice, ADAP provides the platform for self improvement.

The platform is comprised of voice modulation, grammar exercises, sentence correction & formation and identifying/rectifying Indianisms.

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